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Tajima Commercial Embroidery Machines

Hirsch Customers Make More Money!

From the Tajima single-head embroidery machine to Tajima multi-head embroidery machines, and modular embroidery machines Tajima Industries offers a full line of industrial embroidery equipment , chenille embroidery machines, and monogramming equipment for commercial and home based embroidery business. If you want to start an embroidery business, check out our How to Make Money in the Embroidery Business Webinar!

Proven Reliability
20,000+ Tajima embroidery machines are in operation in the United States today.

Highest Performance
Patented control systems combined with the latest mechanical advances ensure superior stitch-quality, fewer thread breaks and the highest overall production speed.

Highest Resale Value
The Tajima embroidery machine has the proven lowest rate of depreciation.

Top Quality Workmanship
65 years technology leadership go into every Tajima embroidery machine.

Advanced Networking Technology
With Tajima’s advanced networking technology, you can easily connect together as many Tajima embroidery machines as you wish to create an extremely flexible production system.

Tajima’s legendary quality, superior performance, and higher resale value is backed by Hirsch’s unrivaled training, support and service.

It’s no wonder why 1 out of every 2 embroidery companies in the US is a Hirsch customer.